Advisory Courses

The advisory experience at New Dawn is designed to get to the root of each individual student’s individual struggles and will be designed with each year providing a different level of counseling and opportunity for academic and socio-emotional growth.Advisories include support for physical and mental health, career development, community involvement and volunteer activities, support for Internships and College NOW. Advisories are assigned based on the needs of the student.

Advisory Courses Offered at New Dawn:

Leadership and Character Development

9th Grade Prep Career Choices

Road Trip Nation

Dig-It (Technology Literacy Course)

Ready for Senior Year



Through this program everyone on staff has a small group of mentees.  These small groups of 10 to 12 students focus on credits accumulated, credits needed, Regents test required, and what each student needs to complete high school and gain admission into further education and training programs. Each student will complete their own Individualize Learning Plan (ILP) and will map their progress through graduation.