Who We Are

New Dawn Charter High School is an all inclusion program.  This means that all students, including students with special needs and students who do not speak English, are all treated the same and all participate in the same classes. This is known as an Inclusion Model. Teachers in the General Education Program use several strategies to ensure this produces the best learning environment for all students. 

Not only is New Dawn an inclusion program, but all students will meet the class and testing requirements to attain a New York State Diploma.  New Dawn does not offer GED classes nor credit recovery programs.  Students must meet all New York State Education credit, class and Regents exam requirements.  

What We Do

Students enter New Dawn having earned varying numbers of credits in disparate subject areas. In order to accommodate all levels of learners, New Dawn functions as an ungraded school divided into Advisories- small, heterogeneous learning teams. This model allows the school to emphasize individualized instruction, intensive case management, interdisciplinary teaching strategies, and cooperative learning – all methods that have proven to help students acquire a deep understanding of key concepts while developing critical work skills including self-direction, perseverance, and commitment to quality.  Additionally, New Dawn teachers employ innovative classroom techniques such as thematic course units and the integration of instructional technology into the everyday learning environment.

Other Programs

Another critical design element of the School is its College NOW program where students take a pre-college course taught at New Dawn by a CUNY adjunct professor.  Once this course is passed and students have earned a 75 or higher on the ELA and Integrated Algebra Regents Exams, they are eligible to attend college credit course through CUNY's College Now Program. During this time students gain both college and high school credits. 

The Internship Program, arranged by New Dawn with various host employers at work sites throughout the city, has been developed to expose students to the world of work while also earning course credit.  Students attend classes at New Dawn and their internships in alternating weeks since the School has found that over-age under-credited students become more engaged in school when they are active in the world of work that the School has structured.  Each student at New Dawn is required to enroll in the full academic program and participate in an internship.