Welcome to New Dawn Charter High School

Mission Statement: New Dawn Charter High School will provide over-aged and under-credited students 15 - 21 years of age, including those who are English Language Learners and those with special needs, the opportunity to return to school and obtain a high school diploma through a rigorous NYSED standards-based education program. Within the framework of the education program, three programs will be offered: 

1) Interventions for those with fewer than 11 credits, and for those with 11 or more credits

2) Internships in the community

3) College enrollment.

News and Announcements

New Dawn Basketball Suns 2015

Our Basketball Team at New Dawn Charter High School just completed their 2nd year of competition. They were very successful this year by finishing year as a semi finalist in the PSAL Division B Multiple Pathways League. Kudos to the young men and the coaches who sacrificed time, sweat, and tears to represent New Dawn.

Board of Trustees 2014-2015 Meeting Schedule

Time: 3 p.m.
Place: Conference Room, New Dawn Charter High School 
242 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, NY  11217

*Please check back a week prior to any meeting in the event a date must be changed.*


Welcome Back to School: Spring Semester

Executive Director's Corner

February 3, 2015 for A and C Weeks

February 9, 2015 for B Week

As we wrap up the most current Regents exams, I want to thank all the students who came to the school during Storm Juno and took their exams.  This is a testament to your resilience (making it through the bad weather), responsibility (taking testing seriously and studying hard), and respect (for yourselves, your families, and your futures).  And thanks to all the families who supported students.  Congratulations to you all!

This semester will bring new challenges and successes.  Our first issue is of course the cell phone policy.  We have heard from a number of students and parents that “the mayor said we could have our phones in school.”  This is not what the mayor said or meant.  In the past, the Chancellor’s Cell Phone Policy was one of zero tolerance.  Cell phones were NOT to be brought into the school building at all. 

Early on, as a Charter School, we set our own policy which was students would be allowed to bring their phones into the building, but had to check them in at the security desk.  This WILL NOT CHANGE.  The mayor’s point was that each school should be able to set their own cell phone policy.  We have already done that, no cell phones past the security desk.  Students who attend New Dawn must be willing to take on the responsibility of checking in their phones before entering the building.  Students who refuse to do this will be sent home.  In the past we allowed cell phones into the building and the amount of classroom disruption this caused was unprecedented and we will not go back to this.  We hope our families will support us and work with your student in understanding why they must check in their cell phones.  Please feel free to contact us and discuss the issue.


New Dawn is Going to College!

At New Dawn Charter High School regardless of their past, our students overcome adversity and go on to go to college. Congrats to our graduating Class of 2014!

Music Comes Alive at New Dawn Charter HS

Watch as our New Dawn students under the direction of Mr. Quintero display their musical talents.

Rave Reviews for the Road Trip Nation Advisory Course at New Dawn Charter High School

Roadtrip Nation has been creating innovative self-discovery resources since 2008. Combining experiential learning activities with meaningful introspection, their programs empower students to connect their studies to their interests and stay engaged with their futures. Their national education team recently visited New Dawn to see how our Road Trip Nation Advisory course (taught by New Dawn Social Worker Chelsea Rissner) has been doing. See what great things they had to say about the course!

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