Faculty and Staff Directory 

At New Dawn Charter Schools we value, above all, our relationships with students, parents, and guardians. In addition to our core academic, internship, and college programs, we are proud to focus on our students social and emotional needs by providing every one with a Mentor in the building. Each of our faculty and staff members are mentors to our students. If you are looking to reach a teacher, administrator, or mentor, please feel free to contact them from this list. You can find each student's mentor, grades, and progress in our learning management system here: Jupiter Ed.


School Leadership Administration

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Ms. Lori Aideyan

Humanities Teacher: Art, Drama, Yoga, Architecture

Ms. Aideyan can be reached at laideyan@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Mr. Rudy Asher

Physical Education/Health Teacher & New Dawn Suns Basketball Coach

Mr. Asher can be reached at rasher@ndchsbrooklyn.org

Ms. Lisa Awano

Writing Teacher - Internship Paper

Ms. Awano can be reached at aawano@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Ms. Fara Badrieva

Lead Teacher - Art & Spanish

Ms. Badrieva (Ms. B) can be reached at fbadrieva@ndchsbrooklyn.org

Mr. Beau Bernis

Special Education Teacher

Mr. Bernis can be reached at bbernis@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Ms. Janish Crawley

School Counselor

Ms. Crawley can be reached at jcrawley@ndchsbrooklyn.org

Ms. Josephine DiGaudio

Aspiring Teacher

Ms. DiGaudio can be reached at jdigaudio@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Ms. Beranda Felder

School Counselor and New Dawn Suns Co-Basketball Coach

Ms. Felder can be reached at bfelder@ndchsbrooklyn.org

Mr. Marcus Fennell

Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Fennell can be reached at mfennell@ndschbrooklyn.org.

Ms. Kim Fields

Parent Coordinator

Ms. Fields (Ms. Kim) can be reached at kfields@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Mr. Jaren Fournier

Office Assistant

Mr. Fournier can be reached at jfournier@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Mr. Alexis Garraway

School Counselor

Mr. Garraway can be reached at agarraway@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Mr. David Gorkhover

Math Teacher

Mr. Gorkhover can be reached at dgorkhober@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Mr. Adam Gulkarov, Science Teacher

Science Teacher

Mr. Gulkarov can be reached at agulkarov@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Ms. Elizabeth Kipps, College and Career Readiness Coordinator

College and Career Readiness Coordinator

Ms. Kipps can be reached at ekipps@ndschbrooklyn.org.

Ms. Nyddia Lugo

Aspiring Teacher

Ms. Lugo can be reached at nlugo@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Mr. Vadim Manevich

Math Teacher

Mr. Manevich can be reached at vmanevich@ndchsbrooklyn.org

Mr. Charles McNulty, Special Education Coordinator

Special Education Coordinator

Mr. McNulty can be reached at cmcnulty@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Mr. Godfrey Okafar

Special Education Teacher

Mr. Okafar can be reached at gokafar@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Mr. Robert Salisbury

Special Education Teacher

Mr. Salisbury can be reached at rsalisbury@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Ms. Eleni Salony

English Language Arts Teacher

Ms. Salony can be reached at esalony@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Mr. Serkan Suel

Science Teacher

Mr. Suel can be reached at sserkan@ndchsbrooklyn.org.

Ms. Sharise Wigfall

College and Career Readiness Coordinator

Ms. Wigfall can be reached at swigfall@ndschbrooklyn.org.

Mr. Michael Wolf

Attendance & Engagement Coordinator

Mr. Wolf can be reached at mwolf@ndchsbrooklyn.org

Mr. Matt DiPaoli

English Language Arts & Writing Teacher

Mr. DiPaoli can be contacted at mdipaoli@ndchsbrooklyn.org.