Renovations: Brooklyn Location

Located in the heart of the bustling and diverse neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, New Dawn Charter School's founding facilities are currently being renovated at 242 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11216.

Carroll Gardens is located in the South Brooklyn area that encompasses an array of business and residential locations, and we are excited to continue with the growth of this community with our new building. 

See below for updates, renderings, and media articles. 

242 Hoyt Street - In the Media

Case Study and News

B.C. Ziegler's Case Study for the $20 Million Renovation project:

New York Real Estate Update from The Real Deal

Renovation Station Updates

 Exterior Renderings of Renovated Project & Scope of Project

Construction at 242 Hoyt Street is well under-way, and progress on the project is on-time, thanks to the tireless project management efforts of Dr. Sara Asmussen and our leadership team. On her LinkedIn profile, Dr. Asmussen stated, "It’s hard to believe that 4 years ago, when I started down the road to getting a bond and buying a building, it would actually happen. But here we are, four years later. New Dawn is just months away from a beautiful new home." New Dawn Charter Schools anticipates returning to their founding location at the end of the academic school year. It was a pleasure for members of New Dawn's Administrative team to visit the location, see scaffolding up and prepared for exterior work. The building that will be instrumental in educating over 400 students per-year in Brooklyn, New York. This Build NYC Resource project is an incredible milestone, not just for New Dawn Charter Schools, but for all Charter Schools who look forward to expansion and growth. 

May 2020

March 2020

Winter 2020

 So much progress to report on for 242 Hoyt Street! Full demolition was completed, and the next phase of the project immediately began. Some of the highlights include new roofing and repairs were completed before inclement weather hit the North East, framing for office and classroom spaces, all reinforcement of load bearing beams began in the interior of the four floor building. Speaking of four floors, elevator shaft supports and preparation for a new  elevator began. In addition, all sewer and trenching began for bathroom installations, and the Northern wall was treated for minor repairs on the interior. It's an exciting time to be working with New Dawn Charter Schools on this pivotal project. 

Fall 2019

 As New Dawn Charter Schools started a new academic year in our temporary space at 760 Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, our home location began to see non-weight bearing walls removed, floor plan redesigns, and full demolition of the interiors. Always aware of our history and our roots, many of the murals curated and created by our art teacher and students remained in tact. It was a delight to see the Brooklyn Bridge and our guiding beacon, the Statue of Liberty preserved. Demolition was completed in the fall which led the way for framing to begin. 

Mid-Summer 2019

New Dawn Charter Schools completed a move from their founding location at 242 Hoyt Street to 760 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Demolition and scoping of the project began immediately at the 242 Hoyt Street. Not a second of time was misplaced or wasted at the start of the project, our goal is to keep pushing through, and exceed everyone's expectations for our students, staff, and community in Carroll Gardens. We are delighted to be located temporarily in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, while our home is being prepared for our return. 

July 2019

Saying good-bye to our 2019 graduates was another bitter-sweet moment in our school year, traditionally we meet this time of year with exhilaration and excitement, but we also know that we will miss these amazing and talented individuals who make every day special for our team. This year held additional moments for our New Dawn family as we embarked on packing, relocating, and our $20 million purchase and renovation project at 242 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, New York, broke ground. Spring had us bustling with the end of the school year, and also had our Executive Director and administrative team coordinating and celebrating the purchase of our founding location where we've been since 2013 and the award of the NYC Build Bond which was brokered and secured by B.C. Ziegler Company. Below are photos of our final packing and moving!